4 Major Digital Marketing Trends for Business in 2022

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1. Making Connections with Story-Driven Content

Storytelling will continue to be a vital component of brand marketing in 2022. Consumers aren’t as eager to respond to marketing messages that focus on the benefits of a product or that detail why one brand’s service is supposedly better than another. Instead, content that creates a story, showing how a brand delivers on their promises or how a product solves a specific problem, is more memorable and more likely to convert. To sharpen your marketing strategy, consider building in content that features customer testimonials, insights into company culture, and anecdotes about your brand’s process.

2. The Growing Popularity of Short Videos 

In the past few years, short, unpolished video has taken off, and with the popularity of TikTok and reels on Instagram and Facebook, this trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Consumers are favoring authenticity and relatability over production values, and content that features DIY, behind the scenes, and brand stories are particularly successful. Consumers are more likely to connect with your brand through short, engaging videos with succinct messaging, and tailoring your digital marketing strategy to showcase this sort of content is going to be a key method of driving results in 2022.  

3. The Changing Face of Social Media

As social media shifts away from written posts to the consumption of short videos and interactive content, businesses need to prioritize methods of cutting through the noise. It’s no longer enough to merely present a message that isn’t static text; a successful marketing plan needs to include initiatives to grow genuine, word-of-mouth engagements from consumers. Content that is organically shared is incredibly effective, but it’s challenging to cut through the noise across multiple social media channels and maintain an interested and active following. Instead of spreading content too thin across too many challenges, 2022 may be a good time to refocus your digital strategy to create a strong presence on a single channel. Consider weighing your options of social platforms and focus on the one or two that suit your business and your audience the best. 

Digital Marketing Trends

4. Balance Between Privacy and Data

Customers are growing increasingly wary of advertising and targeted content, and in answer to this wariness, platforms are implementing more privacy options, which alter how digital marketers can track user behavior and tailor ad campaigns. Facebook and Apple have already enforced stricter privacy settings, and Google has announced that it will curtail third-party cookies by 2023. Tighter restrictions won’t mean the end of data-driven marketing, but a successful ad strategy will need to be transparent about collected data and will need to incorporate intuitive methods of engaging potential customers where they are most likely to be. 

Is Your Business’s Marketing Strategy Ready for 2022?

From the growing popularity of short, unpolished videos to the increased restrictions on ad data collection, the digital marketing landscape will continue to prioritize authenticity, transparency, and story-driven content. Incorporating these trends into your strategy this year will help your business stay competitive and will help you grow customer loyalty. 

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